WWU Rent-A-Rower

Have yard work, manual labor, or dirty jobs? Hire a team of men’s crew rowers to get it done!

To schedule a job, please contact our Rent-A-Rower lead, at wwurentarower@gmail.com!

WWU Men’s Crew is a Sport Club program dedicated to intercollegiate competition at the highest level. In doing so, we provide the student athletes participating in the program with the skill set to strive for personal excellence, both on and off the water. In the last four years, we have won our Conference Championships three times, created a national presence by competing for the first time in the club’s history in races such as the American Collegiate Rowing Association’s Championship Regatta (ACRA’s) in Georgia and the Head of the Charles in Boston, and have had boats with podium finishes at national regattas such as Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association’s Championship Regatta (WIRA’s) in California and Dad Vail’s Championship Regatta in Philadelphia. Due to our recent successes, we have had our roster boom, placing an even heavier demand on our outdated equipment. Between the weighty expenses of national competition, and an imperative need for new equipment, we have far surpassed the limited funding allotted to us by the University.

Men’s Crew Donated over 130lbs of food to the Food Bank

While competition is what drives us, we recognize that one’s collegiate experience should extend beyond that of racing. As such, we pride ourselves on our multifaceted approach to membership. Being part of Men’s Crew requires one to not only challenge oneself physically and mentally, but also to adopt a community mentality, recognizing that one’s role as a student-athlete comes with greater public presence and greater responsibility. We have volunteered in service of our community for over 220 hours in this academic year alone and we run an annual food & clothing drive for the Bellingham Food Bank. We are always looking for ways to play a positive role in the greater Bellingham area. In addition, we place a large emphasis on academics, reserving a room on Western’s campus for at least 3 hours every day, creating a convenient meeting place for our athletes to study and focus on their class work.

Hiring us through our Rent-a-Rower program will guarantee you the hard work of members from the WWU Men’s Crew, all of whom are individuals dedicated to the practice of working hard. We are happy to help you with yard work, moving, or any other manual labor that you would like some help with, all for a very modest price.

In return, you can rest easy knowing that your support in hiring us is 100% going directly to benefit the program. It will help fund our travels to Oregon, California, Philadelphia, Georgia, and Massachusetts, allowing our athletes to compete and represent Western Washington University across the nation; an eye opening and formative experience. In addition, your support will be used to purchase new equipment for the team, ensuring the continued competitiveness of a booming program for years to come. Ultimately, your support will be used to further a program that is working hard to better its participants as both students and as athletes and that is actively pursuing a continued dynamic position within the local community.