For Parents

Welcome new and returning parents of WWU Men’s Crew team members!

This is a new tab on the WWU men’s crew webpage for parents and alumni.  In this section we plan to provide information for those parents new to rowing, information about supporting the team and your rower, race locations and how to get there, race schedules and general information on the team.  We’ll have a separate page for FAQs and a link for making cash donations.  We’d like to include other useful links and whatever else you suggest that would be helpful or interesting for parents. We want crew to be welcoming and fun!

Over the year, you will receive separate emails about upcoming races and other events from the committee.  Make sure your team member gets your email address to the coach or team captain so we don’t leave anyone out.

To support the team we’ll need your volunteer help, too, so please let us know how you can help or just ask what you can do. Just visit the contact us page for more information.

So welcome to Viking Mens Crew!  We’re looking forward to meeting you at a race this year!


Support – Where Parents can really shine

Men’s crew at WWU is a club activity, which means there is limited financial support provided by the University and ultimately it must be a self funded team. Most of the team’s income is from the rare fundraiser that is squeezed in between practices, classes and races, and direct donations from parents and alumni.  Crowd support is a big factor at races, and the best crowds are those of family and friends. You have an important role to play!

Parent support is voluntary and you can participate as much as or little as you choose, but whatever support you offer is truly appreciated by the team.  For example, last year the parents got together and brought food and warm drinks to each race event and an awning to keep the rain off.  While the local parents and supporters donated food and equipment and set up the snacks, the out of state parents and those who couldn’t attend a particular regatta participated by contributing to food purchases.  One parent made a team picture into a banner, which we took to events and which now hangs in the boathouse.

This year, we hope to provide even more support to the team.  While we will again provide food, drink and cheering at the races, we’ll be fundraising for travel, equipment upgrades and replacement, and encouraging donations of small items. Since the team is a Club (and not a fully supported University varsity sport), the team has to cover extra costs (e.g., renting the truck that hauls the boats, the vans that haul the team members, hotel for two day regattas).