Your donations and contributions go a long way for us, and allow us to reach our full potential as a team. Each year our team becomes more competitive as our infrastructure grows. Last season we were able to become the top Northern Collegiate Rowing Conference team. This accomplishment is a demonstration of your money at work. Your donation helps provide students who do not have the perks of a varsity team the ability to travel across the nation, in order to to make a name for our school and community. To meet the needs of our growing competitive team and stay on track with our goals, WWU Men’s Crew relies on heavy fundraising and donations from individuals just like you.

I speak on behalf of the future, current, and past rowers that your support is valued. Your support has allowed this team to continue on to its 49th season, something which the athletes and I take great pride in. Our legacy was started with a donation back in 1969, when F.M. “Red” Haskell donated $10,000 to begin a crew program here at Western. With this donation, two eight-oared and two four-oared shells were bought, starting our program.

-Nic Carter

2017-2018 Treasurer

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