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The Viking Crew Alumni Association is a nonprofit officially licensed by the State of Washington to act to realize its financial and administrative interests. This organization is made with several purposes in mind.

Most importantly, we recognize that our alumni are talented individuals who still have great passion for the crew program. A main goal of the Association is to provide an opportunity for alumni to connect, reconnect, or stay connected with the team and use their talents and passion to help the current program succeed. 

A second goal is to facilitate large purchases that are necessary to sustain a large and successful crew. A nonprofit offers us much greater flexibility and means than the current system through the WWU Club Sport Office, which is mostly set up to help sports with less financial impact. Presently, WWU club sports are encouraged to have unpaid coaches. While this is fine for more recreational sports, rowing requires specialized knowledge and flexible working hours around morning practices and weekend regattas, and we can no longer rely solely on volunteer labor to take the team to the level we aspire to. The Association will play a vital role in securing the financial backing to support coaching staff as needed by the crew.

Finally, the Association will also play a great role in coordinating more alumni events and facilitating networking and fundraising opportunities to grow the crew program as well as the alumni program. We really hope that this will be a fun thing for alumni to be a part of as a way to reconnect or stay connected with their former teammates and build a long-term family out of crew.

1973 crew on Lake Samish.

The organization will be made up of a 9-person board and will have an open meeting accessible to all alumni of the team every September. This meeting will generally be held in the Seattle area with option to conference call in when necessary. There will also be a meeting of the board in Bellingham during Alumni Day events in May. The exact working of the board and the responsibilities of the organization and how it will work are outlined in the bylaws of the organization, which are available for download on this page. We are very interested in your feedback on these documents before ratification during the first meeting.

PDF: Bylaws

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